Our client was a European biotech, launching lifesaving drug in Europe and outside of Europe to treat two ultra-rare diseases. The number of patients in Italy was about 15. The product received European marketing authorization as an orphan drug.Our client was seeking support in securing marketing and commercial operations, securing supervision of local regulatory and market access, supporting medical activities, logistics and regulatory, cash collection and participating in global strategy and tactics definition.


With its expertise, Rare Insight provided a full local support in Italy in line with client’s needs, keeping expenses under control.In order to fulfill the client’s needs, we coordinated the support of other strategic service providers (logistics, legal, regulatory, market access and compliance).


Since the beginning of this mission in 2014, Rare Insight has handled various tasks for our client, including:
 KOL mapping
 Creating of strong relationship with key costumers
 Achieving Pricing and Reimbursement in accordance with our client expectation
 Participating to local and international congresses
 Organizing of national advisory board

Rare Insight’s disease area strategy was fully endorsed and implemented, resulting in a successful price negotiation with AIFA and full unconditional reimbursement. All relevant physicians in Italy were engaged.Despite other competitors in these rare conditions who proposed cheaper alternatives, our client was able to reach 100% market penetration thanks to Rare Insight effective support.


 End-to-end supervision and support in Italy
 Commercial success: the drug was able to reach 100% market penetration
 Immediate action: Rare Insight is on the field to start the mission right after the contract’s signature.
 Light investment
 Valuable input to the client’s overall international strategy
 One single entry point for our client to gather all information
 Structure and resources adapted to client’s needs.